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The Nordic goddess Freyja

according to Ann Smith

by Tony Fero

The Latvian goddess Mara,

according to Sande Hart

bu Tony Fero

Anu, the Celtic Goddess according to Patricia Fero
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According to a collective of women who wanted to see a goddess address hate against our Asian relatives

by Tony Fero


The Germanic Goddess Ostara
according to Cynthia Lundin
by Tony Fero 

The Norse Goddess Skadi 

According to Linda Robinson

by Tony Fero 




According to Ann Smith 

by Tony Fero

Join us and be a part of comic book history! 

Find and claim your goddess from your heritage, or a goddess whose powers you related to, and together

 we will show the world what real super heroes can do. 

Who is your goddess archetype? What goddess do you identify with?

Don't know?  Maybe start with your own heritage, or check out

SARAH invites you to deepen the understanding of yourself and your heritage in a new way, by discovering 

the goddess or goddesses that your great grandmothers may have seen themselves in. Connect with your ancestry and/or values through your goddess archetype and maybe you will discover something

new about your innate power.

Search for goddesses from that region's and do a little research, and learn about your heritage in a new way.

We don't duplicate goddesses, so first be certain your goddess has not yet been chosen. If so, there are so many to choose from that you will be sure to find your match! 

Share with us the attributes that you identify with, then tell us the "Action" that your goddess takes that is relevant in today's world.  (See Ann's example below)

We will send your information to the renown artist Tony Fero who will draw her and send you your original image. 

She is then ready to be part of a cartoon strip series.  

Check out the goddesses who eagerly await your arrival. Please chose a goddess not already taken.   


$130.00 (US)

Your donation includes the original signed image ( 11" x 17" ) and featured on our "Meet The Goddesses" page.

Join the story line dream team, then watch her in action in the Goddess Files series! 

Your Goddess Awaits!

According to Ann- My goddess is Freyja, Nordic Goddess of love and war. She protects and defends people from the evils of patriarchy  and co-creates with others a just and peaceful world for all creation.  Her leadership qualities are: courage, endurance, defender, protector, spiritual activism.  She stops revenge, hate, war against people and planet, sexism, racism and all forms of oppression.  She models a fierce and steadfast love for all creation and their rights to freedom, equality, justice, happiness.  She is an equal to the male gods and a true sister and collaborator.  Everything she does is with a deep love guided by Mother.

Actions:  Ally for anti-racism and sexism, Mother Earth, and equality for all.

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The Goddess Files 
Submit Your Goddess 

We will contact you after receiving your submission.

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