I have the distinct honor of working with both the

United Religions Initiative (URI) and the International Charter For Compassion
There is one individual who I am  blessed to know, who is not only the Country Coordinator for Malawi URI, but an Ambassador for the Charter For Compassion Women and Girls sector.  Geoffrey Manasseh is a stellar activist for improving conditions for women and girls. 


One project Geoffrey has been spearheading is providing reusable sanitary napkins to girls who do not have access to proper hygiene during their cycle. They then stop attending school, fall behind and the cycle of feminine poverty is set in motion (supported by the systemic problems that plague young girls and women in impoverished communities). 


"Due to poverty, loosing of parents and overhead challenges, other people up to now struggling to be in schools. These are some of the reasons which drive girls to get marriage at early stage because they don’t have any hope following the fact that they do survive on thin line. Now, we have 9 young people who are still on waiting bay to see if they can have fees to go to secondary/resume universities." 

Geoffrey Manasseh in his regular report to the Charter for Compassion


Geoffrey has also built a facility to distribute napkins and also school supplies, but in order to maintain stability the girls have to purchase their own reusable napkins and can only afford about 2 pads each. That means they they wash the 1 napkin for the day, (can you imagine?) and before it’s properly dried, they may have to wear it again, and therefore the smell creates horrible embarrassment. 


1 pad costs approximately $5.00 US  and each girl should have at least  5 pads.  

Each pad will last 3 years. Geoffrey serves about 300 girls.

I would like to start by raising $500.00 to support 20 girls so they may find  more dignity, confidence, and in a way, give her back her education. We can do better than that, but if each of us supported one girl we could easily support an entire village.


Ultimately, over time, we will raise $7,500.00 to serve 300 girls so they can use their Kwacha (Malawi dollar) for school or other needs, or pleasures!


Your donations of $5.00/$25.00/$250.00/or more will be well received.

Thank You!


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