The day of I'x is the day of the Mayan calendar that represents feminine agility, grace, power, wisdom and our connection to the heavens and earth. 

Mark your calendars for the following dates of I'x. 


We are not only honoring this day on the calendar, but the era of I'X that we are in. 


Please join us on each of I'x as Grandmother Flordemayo, along with Heather Hall - Dudney Stone, daughter of Grandmother and Program Director of The Path share their deep spiritual wisdom so necessary to bring balance to our world and to our selves.

All calls are 10:00 PST | 11:00 MST | 12:00 CST

 1:00 EST | 5:00 PM GMT

Friday, September 4, 2020 is 10 I'x 

Thursday, September 24, 2020 4 I'x w/ Special Guest Grandmother Sasa

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 11 I'x w/Special Guest Grandmother Pershle

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 5 I'x

Monday, November 23, 2020 12 I'x

Sunday, December 13, 2020 6 I'x

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Grandmother Pershlie Ami joins us on Oct 14th

Pershlie “Perci” Ami a member of the Hopi/Tewa Tribe, from the Village of Walpi, Az. Pershlie is an ambassador for Grandmothers who are educators, wisdom gathers/sharers, guides, messengers, and earth protectors. She has traveled internationally and nationally to visit with and learn from people of different nations, and religion. Pershlie assist individuals to heal broken spirits and minds by sharing her life’s journey, her traditional beliefs, and her stories.. As a Hopi/Tewa Grandmother she has travel to support all grandmothers and grandfathers. It is her vision to create a healthy world for all grandchildren. Her most recent endeavors includes; her writings on suicide prevention, dealing with the death of a love one, and her motivation cards. Pershlie continues to be active in her community by her work with, MMIW awareness, No Fracking AZ. Arizona Legislative Day, Domestic Violence, and Partnership with Native Americans. She also continues to teach her classes on Self care and Self awareness, Lateral Violence in Native Communities, GONA, I am Sacred, and her Pathway classes. She has been a feature speaker for Intertribal Council, Native Women Conference, and National Lactation Conference.

Grandmother Flordemayo is a Curandera Espiritu, or a healer of divine spirit. As a seer, she has the ability to see other realms of color, light, and sound. In addition, has the ability to see the effects of existing imbalances on the physical, emotional and spiritual realms within a person’s energy system. She was born in highlands of Central America, specifically Nicaguara and was the youngest of 15 children. She was born under the sign for the seed, in Mayan astrology.

As a world traveler she has offered ceremonies and has spoken on a wide range of topics from healing with the use of herbs to her more recent project, The Seed Temple, located in Estancia, New Mexico.

Since 2004, Flordemayo has been one of the founding members of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a prestigious group of traditional female elders drawn from around the world, who represent a global alliance of prayer, education, and healing for our Mother Earth, all of her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come.

Being born under the sign of the seed, Flordemayo sees her role as cosmic germinator through teaching, community, manifestation and development. In recent years, Flordemayo has been working with seeds. Specifically, she sees her role as a caretaker of seeds through prayer. In 2012, Flordemayo received a vision during dialogue with the Beloved Mother. In the vision, Flordemayo finds herself sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth, and being guided to prepare seed bundles with prayer. The seed bundles are to be given to the parents of children being born today and those yet to be born in the future.

Heather Hall - Dudney Stone is a Grandmother Flordemayo’s oldest child, only daughter, and personal assistant.

She is a wife, daughter, mother and grandmother. With a bachelor’s degree in sociology and economics and minors in chemistry, economics and math,  Heather lives in Boise,

Idaho with her husband Caleb. Heather is a disabled Navy veteran and  has served on many boards for various non-profits.


Heather is an executive officer of The Path Inc., a 501(c)3

nonprofit that her mother started to preserve and protect sacred heirloom seeds. Heather is the program director and social media coordinator for The Path. Heather is also a producer for many events including The Gathering for Humanity and nearly every event at The Path.

Heather was born under the strong Nawal sign of 9 Iq’. It represents communication and particularly divine inspiration. It is the wind, the breath of life, that which brings the change in seasons. 9 is the number of lunations in the human gestation period and in the sacred calendar.

The sacred calendar is known as a calendar of life, and it is women that give life. As such the number nine is seen as the number of life and the number of the divine feminine. It gives all that it is attached to a strong feminine presence and is a day on which women may wish to give thanks

for their gifts.


Heather is a lifelong student, a leader, and advocate for the environment, rape and sexual abuse, survivors, and veterans. Heather has a Mayan and Finish ancestry and heritage.

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