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The Staff Has Been Passed To The Feminine

More than a prophecy, this is the title of the first workshop being held in the Women's Village at the Parliament of The Women's Village, and you can contribute to it now.

You can be a very significant contributor to staffs that will be anchoring the divine feminine in the Women's Village at the Parliament of The World's Religions.


Staffs, or spears are signs of authority, a declaration of our power. While it appears as a sharp-pointed instrument used to pierce, thrust, and cut, its presence will be a figurative symbol of our power to cut through that which no longer serves us, piercing the corrupt wound, and brings healing rays that pass within. and stand tall in our agency and responsibility as the embodiment of the divine.


The Spear directs itself to touch the places where poison needs to drain out, where wounds have cauterized and darkness has entered in to restore the healing light.


The staffs are care-fully created by Erin and she is collecting our items to adorn the staffs. Here are the items and their intention and healing energy.


Energy Healing Spear; Clear Yoni shaped Quarts, feathers, stones/shells, ethically sourced leather/animal hide 


Goddess of the Sacred Gifts Spear; Flower buds, snake skin, swan quill, raven feathers, ethically sourced leather/animal hide 


The Light Space Between Spear; Bone, spiral shells, swan feathers


Earth Breathing Spear; Large green stone/crystal, teardrop-shaped leaves, vines, white shells, white crystals, clear glass, ethically sourced leather/animal hide 


Fully Human-Fully Divine Spear; Red glass, pheasant wing (have already), green fabric, bone or glass in a rectangle shape, bone, shell or glass in a hook shape, ethically sourced leather/animal hide 


You are also welcome to send other materials that are felt called to join the energy of the Spear


You are invited to charge your materials with your unique medicine and magic. 

The energy is of the most important, so even if you are to simply hold the item in your hand and express your love and intention onto it before sending it off, its highest purpose will manifest.


Please send your item(s) to: 

Erin Beatty

118 Wilkinson Street

Chelsea MI, 48118

The Women’s Village 

The first of its kind at the Parliament of The World’s Religions

The Parliament of The World's Religions is the world's largest convening, gathering upwards of 10,000 people from around 80 countries as interfaith leaders, educators, clergy, scientists, thought leaders, grassroots leadership, seekers, students, indigenous peoples, and community builders. Since 1893, the PoWR is recognized as a critical meeting of minds and hearts to the end of reconciliation, solutions to our world's problems, and interfaith healing and understanding.
Each few years the PoWR is hosted in a different country. In August 14-18th, 2023, Chicago, Ill USA is our host.

S.A.R.A.H. is a proud Sponsor of this unprecedented event. It's only been in recent years that women's voices have the space and dignity we require. We are changing that dynamic and you can help us.

The Women’s Village is a unique space, a result of the natural progression of the trajectory of women’s presence at the Parliament. Growing notably since the first Women’s Assembly in 2015, this space has been carefully designed to support the way women create and converge. Enter the Village to  be activated and inspired to protect and to deepen our commitment to preserve human rights and dignity for all. 

Just as women hold our community, the Women’s Village is held by Women’s Woven Voices Tapestries and elements that invoke the spirit of the divine. 


In the Village you will be activated, supported, nurtured, and invited to contribute to activities and other spontaneous experiences.


Contribute Sacred Items of Nature- Place the gifts of nature you have brought from your homeland and create the Earth Altar. Fallen feathers, stones, leaves, flowers, and other items that you consider sacred have a place on this altar. 

Water Ceremony

Water is the source of life, inspiration, and nourishment for our body, heart, mind, and soul. All are welcome to bring a small collection of water from a source near you that you consider sacred, even if it is tap water you have prayed over. Bring a small vial of your sacred water to Chicago and contribute to the water ceremony. You may also leave with a sampling of our collective water to take home and conduct your own water ceremony or keep as inspiration.


Your Voice Matters - Renown producer Dale Allen will be conducting interviews inviting women to share their wisdom and record their experiences of this historic convening, the status of women in religion or spiritual practices, and other insights and wisdom.


Women's Sacred Space is a welcoming, safe and inclusive sanctuary for women of all faiths to pray, meditate, reflect, recline, conduct ceremony, spiritual practice and ritual, to move as women move, and to bless one another.  


Each day is carefully scheduled with programming to support women in our bodies, heart and soul so we may show up in our respectful communities supported and whole.


Women may contribute items of their faith tradition to any of the altars in the space. 

Open space and open opportunities for offerings to present are plentiful. 

Women’s Morning Gatherings

Experience the alchemy of women’s wisdom and collective power in dialogue, each morning exploring an element of women’s magnificence; 


Tues: Fierce Listening 

Wed: Body Awardness

Thurs: Discovering Our Sacred Marching Orders

Friday: Experience The Power of Women Converging


Red Tent Workshop

For possibly thousands of years, women have been called into the Red Tent  as the womb of  sisterhood.

In a Red Tent we are able to be nurtured, to grow, to feel honored, and be safe.  We are free to honor our biological gifts and transformations, to celebrate our sacred nature, to comfort and hold one another. 

A Red Tent is an original and personal expression of you and your sisters in your own community.  Similar in structure to Red Tents created by other women around the world, it will nevertheless be uniquely yours. 

Learn best practices and models  to build from and alchemize your own Red Tent in three separate workshops; Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Tuesday: Mother- You will learn how to provide a nurturing environment that is authentic, warm, inviting, a safe environment that honors our divine nature with grace and power. Because of it's interactive nature, it's also a personal journey for you. This workshop will provide you with everything you need to know about creating your own Red Tent. 

Weds: Maiden- Girls and women alike step into a red tent experience of sacred space to experience a maiden ceremony. Women are invited to honor, celebrate, and surround girls, while also accessing our inherent maiden energy. A crown-making activity will follow. 

Thurs: Crone Ceremony- Reclaim the true nature of the crone that has been vilified and demonized throughout history. The power of the elder wise woman is a crucial energy required at this pivotal time on this planet. This workshop will offer participants an opportunity understand and access your own crone identity.


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