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Calling women to gather to prepare ourselves and one another for the world we are midwifing forward. 

Alchemy of Women's Compassionate Action 2021

A Glimpse At Alchemy in Toronto 2018

Our Sacred Water Ceremony


Some reflections from fellow Alchemists

"Nature is responding to the Alchemy of Women's Compassion Action's water ceremony.  There was no forecast for rain in  Northern California the days following up to October 16th, however,  the evening of October 16th, the weather forecast changed. Rain was expected the following day for a few hours in the evening. I was having dinner with friends and when we heard the rain fall we all cheered. The rain is expected to continue for the next seven days. 


I'd like to knowledge and thank the women of SARAH and the Alchemy of Women's Compassion Action 2021 for opening to nature and acknowledging the source of life on our planet.


A poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, from What We Ache For


I call on a dream of the people that remembers

the power of life-giving moisture,

that recognizes the scent of the sea

where it caresses the shore

in the scent of our sweat

in the salt of our tears

in the slippery wetness that pours

from between the soft thighs of a woman well-loved.


With love to you and the women of SARAH and the  Alchemy of Women's Compassion Action 2021"
Stephanie Suganuma

"...thank you so much for putting this event together, it had so many wonderful elements; music, story telling and wisdom sharing, listening, movement...I loved it! It was a beautiful way to connect women to each other. I feel especially inspired after hearing Kay and Jean...."


Previous Alchemy Events

Artist-  Jothi Saldanha

Art by Johti Saldanha

Salt Lake City Alchemy Event 2015

On Feminine Ground: The Alchemy of our COLLECTIVE Wisdom and Strength

This event was first hosted by a planning circle convened by Women of Spirit and Faith in advance of the 2015 Parliament of Worlds Religions in Utah to prepare women leaders for the dynamic week ahead. About 80 women met in circles where we practiced Circle Principles to anchor our voices, practice sacred listening, and recognize the power of our wisdom. Because of its success, a small group of us decided to bring it to the next Parliament in Toronto in 2018 for 200 women (with a wait list) with a planning committee of U.S. and Canada based women. S.A.R.A.H. then brought this Alchemy event to the Commission of the Status of Women in advance of the opening of 2 weeks of the UN Commission of The Status of Women with the help of NY based women. We are now bringing our signature Alchemy event to the first ever virtual Parliament event.