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Meeting Basics

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SARAH hosts online virtual circles, however, if you are feeling like you want to hold your own SARAH circle, we hope this helps you..

We also have a long list of qualified and inspirational workshop leaders and speakers whom you may wish to come and be a guest speaker of lead a workshop for you on most any given topic.

Your First Meeting is where you set the tone and the precedence for your group. Since we learn

so much about one another by being in our homes, as long as you know everyone who is attending, it's a great idea to hold your meetings there. Some precedences that make an important impact for a very successful meeting are. Starting with women whom you do not know? Then we highly recommend you first meet in a public space. Libraries often give space, or maybe a place of worship will give you a room to use. Below you will find a long list of conversation prompts and meeting themes.

Open your circle with a prayer, blessing or poem and a candle lighting. Sharing leadership demonstrates feminine principles. Inviting others to light the candle, offer an opening or closing is always a great practice. 

Make sure to read the circle principles, or share in advance.  Here's a PDF to print out

Keep you meetings to women (and girls) only. First, some cultures are more sensitive to "letting their hair down" when men are present, especially when it's not their own partner. We have also found that women in circle create a undeniable energy that flows evenly and freely, and it's quite interesting that when men join our circle, that energy takes a completely different direction. 

In some cultures, it may be a man who is holding the circle to support women in his community. 

Here it is really necessary to be an exceptional listener, while also modeling what balance in gender relationships look like. 

Refrain from alcohol Unless it's completely agreed upon, it's a standard interfaith understanding to refrain from serving alcohol since some traditions may be offended. 

When something else emerges than you expected, get out of the way! If this happens, you know you have created a safe place. Breath into the blessing of what direction your meeting has taken.

Be mindful of trying to control the flow of the meeting.  Of course, it's a good to be mindful of timing but be careful not to be the meeting police and have a good time! Allow creativity to go wild! 

Share the hosting and always encourage a pot luck. No meeting should be a burden on anyone, and further demonstrates our Sisterhood and shared leadership.  We eat a lot at SARAH meetings! 

Close your circle, this sacred space you have created together, holding it precious and dear and the Sisterhood you have created for a higher and deeper wisdom. Like your opening blessing, a different Sister may like to close your circle. 

Take photos! Of course, check with your Sisters first, since some may not want their photo taken.

Send us your photos and tell us about your meeting! 

Dialogue and Journal Prompts, Topics and Series Suggestion

The power of dialogue stretches the boundaries of our understanding of another's world because it is coming from the very personal expression of the woman who live it. We are sure to ask questions that ask for the experience of question, as well as the overarching teaching. 
We strongly recommend that you send the question for your next meeting in advance so that your Sisters have some time to investigate their answers, if not think deeply about them. It's this process that is one of the most powerful benefits of dialogue. Not only to learn about others, but to deepen our own roots of our faith tradition.


Journal Prompts

  • What brings you into this circle?

  • Share about a woman (living or passed) that you honor and emulate. 

  • "What is burning in you to be gifted to the world?

  • "As you listen to your body, mind and soul, how do you stay relaxed to deeply listen to others without judgment and with unconditional acceptance.  How will you prepare to step into your leadership as a Red Tent Facilitator and what do you need to help you in becoming the new leadership.

  • "From what you have experienced in our time together, what 3 elements will be most important to you to bring into our circle?."  

Some Monthly Topic Suggestions
  • What women of your faith tradition has inspired you most?  A Great First Meeting Ice Breaker
       What woman, either past or present inspire you most? 
  • Lifecycle Series; This series is best broken down to consecutive monthly meetings.  
​       What is your religious tradition on Birth, Coming of Age, Engagement and Marriage, Death?
  • How do you believe being a woman of your community or world is different than a man's?
       What is your faith tradition's perspective on the value of women? ​
  • What is your faith tradition's perspective on the value of the natural environment and your relationship with Earth?
  • Invite everyone to bring a culturally significant dish to your meeting and talk about when 
       and what it represents, and/or a special memory of the holiday or event when it was served.
  • Cultural Dance is a great way to get to know the other! Got the space? Inquire if any SARAH Sisters can teach you their traditional dance moves! 
  • Invite thought leaders and trainers to lead your meeting. Here are some we have hosted:
            Laughing Yoga​
            The art of listening
            Guided Raja Yoga Meditation
            Understanding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
            The Local Community Food Bank 
Series Suggestions
  • Life cycle Series (birth, coming of age, engagement and marriage, divorce/uncoupleing, death, beyond death)

  • Conversations relating to a national observance (Mother's Day, Earth Day)

  • Current affair or crisis/tension: sharing feelings and/or coping skills

  • Laughing Yoga​ or guided meditation

  • Grieving  and paying tribute to what is missing

  • Sexuality and the culture of women

  • Maiden, Mother, Crone series

  • Preparing for the Maident to arraive (Mini Maidens)

  • Bring in community* leaders to speak 

  • Invite thought leaders, authors, etc to speak and birth dialogue

  • Invite someone you want to provide a space for and/or honor them

  • Difficult Dialogues (with an expert)

Gathering Women

If you are looking to expand your circle, or start from scratch, here are some ideas to start your circle.

Beginning in your community, even when hosting online Red Tents, is prudent so that once you move out into the community, your Tent will easily be filled.

  • Faith based community or interfaith group

  • Women’s studies at local universities/colleges

  • Community based organizations around your home

  • Human relations commissions

  • Safety-Net non-profits looking for alternative ways to empower their community to solve problems

  • Women’s Prison

  • Health and well-being centers and yoga centers

  • Friends

  • Invite everyone to bring a friend (or 2) This will prove to be one of the fastest ways to grow your circle.

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