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Test (or learn) Your SARAH History Knowledge


Understanding where we came from and what led us to become an online initiative that provides programs and initiatives that address patriarchy and systems of domination that disproportionately impact women and girls, boys and men.

How many in-home meetings has SARAH held in the past 18  years?



How many Community Dialogues/Forums has SARAH sponsored/co-sponsored? 

22- Pacificia Institute (5) Center for Living Peace (7) Soka University (2)  University of California Irvine (2)


SARAH is featured in 2 University Featured Reports. Name Them.

Harvard University's Pluralism Project and The UCI Ford Grant Difficult Dialogues Report 


How many panel discussions has SARAH spoken on?

8 - National Jewish Women, Hadassa, UCI (3) Pacifica, Parliament of The World's Religions, Multi-Cultural Dialogue Conference in Guadalajara, United Nations Commission on The Status of Women (representing the Compassion Games), NAIN Connect in Arizona, Temple Beth El.


How many community festivals, walks, events has SARAH co-sponsored? 

Countless! Probably hundreds!! 


Who was the first recipient of our Peace Tapestry and personally delivered by a SARAH Co-Founder in 2002?

The Women's Interfaith Encounter in Jerusalem- At our first meeting we were inspired to know that if women in the midst of an environment of conflict and crisis could meet, then so could and should we.


How many Tapestries has SARAH made?

​28 - See them here...

What is the name of the organization that SARAH partnered with the first 5 years of our Weekend of Community Service?

Big Sunday


This is a 3 part question:


In 2004 a SARAH Sister brought Sande a gold fish.  

      What SARAH Sister brought her that fish?  Joy Adams

      What is the fish’s name?  Queen Esther

      What was the occasion the fish was given for?  

The rare convergence of Purim (the Jewish observance) and

Na-Ruz (the Persian New Year).

Queen Esther is the woman heroine of the story of Purim.

       How old is Queen Esther in 2019? 15 years old! 

Which one of these is NOT a SARAH Activity? (yet!)

Disco Dancing

Synchronized Swimming

Basket Weaving

House Building


How many houses has SARAH built? How many Mexican orphanages has SARAH volunteered at?

4 Houses (3 in Mexico with Corozon, 1 with Habitat for Humanity)

2 Orphanages


How many countries have SARAH workshops presentations been presented in?

United States, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Atlanta, Arizona, 

Canada, Toronto

Mexico- Guadalajara

India- Mayapur

Australia- Melbourne

Tokyo- Japan


When attending a SARAH meeting, there are a few things always in abundance, what are they?

Love, Laughter, Security of Sisterhood and FOOD! 


Who created our SARAH artwork just for us?  Robin Altman

The first year SARAH collaborated with Big Sunday for our Interfaith Weekend of Community Service in Orange County. How many volunteers did we activate into service?

1000 approximately.


How many pounds of food was collected in one given weekend during our Interfaith Weekend of Community Service?

20,000 lbs

Everyone knows and loves Mary Gueguerian,  What does Mary bring to every SARAH event and expects it back at the end?

A SARAH pin because we all forget ours at home! 


Name the movies that SARAH has shown at ourr "Important Movies Under The Stars" annual events?

How To Boil a Frog

Miss Representation

Sin By Silence

On Common Ground

350 Birds

The Light In Her Eyes

SOLD (Premiere at a local theater)

A Plastic Ocean

Why was one entire SARAH meeting filled with Laughter?   Because we did Laughter Yoga! 

Most meetings are filled with laughter anyway! 

How many SARAH Sisters are members of our Celestial Council?

Barbara Strause

Karen Armstrong

Linda Manfort

Felora Parsa

Jackie Shay-Reigle


In a SARAH photo used in our brochure and in the SARAH video, What SARAH sister is holding onto the SARAH sign?

Marilyn Longo


Who adapted the  SARAH’s play “Speaking Truth To Power”? 

Rev. Dr. Peggy Price adapted from Patricia Merton's play Peace X Peace

How many SARAH Sisters can we count around the world? 790 that we know of! 

Queen Esther today behind the bowl she first arrived in. 

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