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By Maureen Jones

I invite you to take a moment and imagine with me the chaos and noise in the world quieting, and all life, every being, is now held in profound love, infusing all life with this love, while it absorbs all fear, pain, and all manner of suffering. In the calm and quiet, in the silence, there is a deep and penetrating pervasive love. There is no problem larger than this love.

Now, imagine, as you are enveloped in this love, that you are holding your dreams and visions. As they respond to love, they grow with ease and in beauty, becoming your reality. Everything you hold, every emotion, every concern or problem, and every desire is met with love in this dark and silent space of the great primordial womb where all life, and every potential for life, is nurtured and is born.

“Rest and be Held in the life-giving, all-accepting love of the dark, primordial womb of creation. In the profound compassion of this love, emerge reborn into the light of who you are.” – Misa Hopkins

Now that you have been introduced to the basics and beginning of a meditative practice and teaching from Misa Hopkins, I will introduce you to The Holding Meditation and Misa Hopkins who has been gifted with this teaching and practice from Indigenous ancestors.

“The most ancient form of Sacred Feminine Prayer is Holding…and it is what the world most needs from us today as we awaken our true potential and balance.” – Misa Hopkins

The Holding Meditation is both the energy and tradition of the Sacred Feminine. It is the Yin energy, the Divine Feminine, also referred to as the Goddess – which are all ways of naming the sacred wisdom that calls us to our limitless potential as loving and intuitive creators. The essence of “Holding” is to hold everything, all emotions and all life concerns and experiences, in unconditional love and without intention. When we are held in unconditional and all-accepting love, we remember that we are perfectly created, and we are love. Remembering this allows us to make better decisions. Problems, concerns, fears, regrets, resentments, doubts, and emotional and physical pain are taken into this sacred space, we accept them as they are in love, as part of our journey, and the love dissolves all fears.

“One of the biggest lessons in my life is the realization that all life is born from the still, dark and silent primordial womb, we call space. This space is energetically teaming with potential and full of love. The first sound exploring itself and the first expression of light were born in this womb. When we return to this womb for solace or inspiration, we are able to find peace in the silence and become reborn in the blissful expressive nature of our Divinely unique sound and light.” – Misa Hopkins

Misa Hopkins is the author of the best-selling book series, Sacred Feminine Awakening and Spiritual Director of the New Dream Foundation, dedicated to healing and awakening in the Sacred Feminine. The Guardian of a Native Sacred Path of the Feminine, she has had mystical initiations in feminine and masculine sacred energies. Misa has helped thousands of women all over the world find compassion to heal from the wounds of trauma, as they reclaim their souls and their Sacred Feminine essence.

I can personally speak to the healing of trauma wounds by the teaching and practice of The Holding. When I was first introduced to Misa’s teaching and The Holding Meditation, I had trouble with meditation practices. Having a history of Complex PTSD, I often found meditation anxiety provoking, even triggering. The simple act of closing my eyes and focusing on my breath triggered childhood trauma memories of times when I hid under a blanket or in my closet, trying to disappear in the darkness and not breathe so as not to be found and beaten. Nothing about darkness and focused breathing felt safe. By listening to and applying what Misa teaches, I found a deeper connection to the Sacred Feminine in the safety of the primordial womb space, I found the compassion and all-accepting love in a way I had never experienced as well as finding compassion and acceptance for myself, and I began to heal emotionally and on a cellular level the trauma I had carried.

Science has shown us that sound affects physical matter. Sound Medicine reflects your vibrational essence calling you naturally to health and awakening. Healing songs remind your body and emotions about the resonant frequency of your ultimate health, so that you can live in that state daily.

Misa’s journey into sound healing began over 25 years ago, in 1994, when her mother rose from her deathbed after Misa sang to her. Through her clairaudience, Misa could hear within the tones to sing, a previously unknown Native American chant. As she began to sing, Misa could see and know that the cause of her mother’s pain was an infection in her bronchial tubes. An emerald-green light appeared, filling her mother’s chest and bronchial tubes, transforming to a brilliant white light which as quickly as it came, it disappeared. Within a few hours, Misa’s mother was sitting up in bed laughing and engaging with her family, and was released from the hospital the next day.

This event inspired Misa to leave her successful practice as a business consultant to spend 10 years studying within Native and mystical traditions. Since then, she has taught sound healing techniques to hundreds of healing practitioners, and after years of apprenticeship, she began offering a Song Questing ceremony to individuals drawn to the mystical power of sacred sound. Misa loves to guide us into the mystical world of silence and sound, where reborn from the silence, we recreate our lives by activating the sacred sounds within us.

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Sheikh Musa Aliyu
Jun 17, 2021

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