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 Start a SARAH Circle  

When women gather in circle we can see one another.
When women gather in circle all voices are heard.
When women gather in circle we create a sacred hoop, sealed with a commitment of Sisterhood.
When women gather in circle an energy surges and problems are solved, creativity is wild, and we discover a new depth of our capacity for love and wisdom.
When women gather in circle, miracles happen.
Start a SARAH Circle, bringing women of diverse traditions to sit together to dialogue, explore, listen, weep, dance, and laugh together in a safe space where solutions live.
Your group decides what it needs to be.
We invite you to join our well-established, world-renowned and well-respected organization of SARAH, by answering that tugging at your heart to surround yourselves with women in a safe space to honor, understand, recognize and also disrupt the patterns that no longer serve us and our world.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
We provide you with as many resources as possible to utilize or inform your own creativity. We know it's time for unprecedented unified collective wisdom that, as women of faith, spirit, and tradition, it is our gift to humanity. It's time. 
        SARAH Sister Circles Receive
  • Training, Resources, Tools, and a Rich History of Proven Projects at Your Disposal
  • Space on this website 
  • Access to our social media and mailing network 
  •  Join our global webinars and host your own on our network
  • Are woven into our Partners Network including The Charter For Compassion, UNICEF, Millionth Circle, and the United Religions Initiative.
  • Reach our global database
  • We are 501 c3 non-profit organization making fundraising and fiscal sponsorship accessible.
We want your circle to be as unique as your vision and your community is. 
We will equip you with everything you need to get started and support you where we can!
Contact us for guidelines and more information. s
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