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Mara is the highest-ranking goddess in Latvian mythology .She representative of the divine feminine, counterpart of the divine masculine. Other Latvian goddesses, sometimes all of them, assist her Mara., each representing alternate aspects of her personality. Māra is known as Mother of the Earth and Land, and defender of Justice. She is especially known for her feminine gifts such as making sure everyone is nourished and cared for, in this life and beyond.

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Anu is a Celtic Goddess that is often described as the source of all the deities. She is the oldest of the Celtic Goddesses and believed to be the original ancestor. One legend of Irish folklore is that Anu is the earth Goddess from whom all life emerged.


She is seen to embody the earth, rivers, and sea. she offers fertility, abundance, regeneration and nurturing. She gifted Ireland with swollen rivers and during the summer months brings the flora and the fauna.Nature was the bridge between Earth and the Gods. Bees were regarded as the messengers of the Gods. She could easily be seen as the embodiment of Mother Nature.

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 Freyja, is the Nordic Goddess of love and war. She protects and defends people from the evils of patriarchy  and co-creates with others a just and peaceful world for all creation.  Her leadership qualities are: courage, endurance, defender, protector, spiritual activism.  She stops revenge, hate, war again people and planet, sexism, racism and all forms of oppression.  She models a fierce and steadfast love for all creation and their rights to freedom, equality, justice, happiness.  She is an equal to the male gods and a true sister and collaborator.  Everything she does is with a deep love guided by Mother.

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