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At this 2015 Parliament of The World's Religions, more than 400 workshops were focused on just about every topic that effects all life, including the life of our Mother Earth. Indigenous leaders and women ruled the more than 7000 attendees.

The Parliament was opened with the first inaugural women’s assembly- which set the tone, more like vibration, spiral, undeniable life force of the divine feminine for the rest of our time together. That heart of humanity is still spiraling wider and a new pattern broke open in that moment. Professors, religious leaders, UN reps, communiyt organizers and all agreed that something broke open at the opening ceremony where the fierce feminine archetype beat her drum and we all danced, hallered and beat our chests! It was tribal, it was profound. 


What questions do we ask, where do we focus our attention and energies and how do we stand in our own light to keep the fire alive?


Please send us your photos to add to this gallery...

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