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Ann Smith




The Death Throes of Patriarchy- The Role of  Religions According To Youth.

From the wisdom of two leaders of the United Religions Initiatives, working regionally and globally in the largest grassroots interfaith organization in the world. 

December 5th 9:00 -10:30 PST

Learning to become Allies 

Addressing racism and our personal responsibility to better understand the role we all play.

Birthing A Circle, An Event, and Action Circle

Cultivating skills and application of Circle Principles to hold sacred space.

July 21st for 4 Weeks


The Role of Interfaith Women In The Sustainable Development Goals

Coming Soon


Urgent Call From The Spirit of the Feminine with Grandmother Flordemayo

Join us on the day of I'X, the day of the divine feminine rising according to the teachings of the Mayan calendar. For upcoming dates and special guests please proceed below. 

Nov 3rd 10:00 AM - 11:00 PST

EMBODIMENT- Reclaiming the profane to the profound.


August 18th For 3 weeks

The New Leadership Archetype

From the ashes of patriarchy rises the new.


Oct 6th for 2 weeks


Create The New Organization

Coming Soon

The Roles of Religion in Ending Patriarchy According to Youth

This ongoing thought provoking series addresses the systemic issues that contribute to the stranglehold that we all contribute to including coming into relationship with our environment, racial awakening, the impact of patriarchy on men, and more.

Dec 5th 9:00 AM - 10:30 PST

Red Tent Wisdom class

Cultivating skills to host sacred space, and experiencing the power of Red Tent philosophies, folklore and history.

November for 4 weeks


Compassionate Integrity According To The Culture of Women

November 14th for 2 weeks


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