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Wisdom Series

Where your wisdom is discovered

Cultivating and sharing wisdom and skills for the world we are creating.

Everyone has critical wisdom, skills and knowledge that our world needs.

This place is for and by you.

Learn, Discover, Earn and Heal The World  

You have the passion, skills, materials, ability to lead a course or class.

We are always looking for capacity building workshops to offer, and our many programs provide ample opportunity to go deeper with a skill you may possess. We have the technology, network, marketing support and lots of desire to see you succeed, earn money

and share your wisdom!

We have created a unique opportunity for educators, community builders, conveners,
or anyone who is expert in their field, to conduct a workshop and share their gifts
with the world.
"The only thing missing from any situation is that which you are not showing up with."
Inspired by Marianne Williamson
Consistency of content in all workshops in our Wisdom class Series.
Our Wisdom classes are all interactive and engaging with your participants. 
Our Wisdom class workshops are in alignment with feminine values and promote 
a culture of peace.
If you are someone who is an expert in your work, and you know there are others in the world that will benefit from it, yet you are not technically savvy or have the platform, a means for collecting payments, or simply don't have the time or resources, we can help.
This is a turn-key production.  All you need to do is to focus on your workshop and how you are going to share your expertise.
Our production fees are based on your needs. Contact us for more information, discuss your mastery, needs and what to expect. We offer flexible payment options to help you get started.
Find Out More and Complete the Application

Contact us for more information! 


We are thrilled to present this transformational workshop led by Nancy Jackson. 
For more information, what you will experience, and how to register...