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Vision of Peace Awardees

We recognizes the vision, dedication, and commitment of those who pave our path of a peaceful community and world.


Debbie Friedman-Singer/Songwriter, peace activist
Judge Pamela Isles-Founder of The Family Violence Center 

Reverend Kay Lindahl-Interfaith activist, author, founder of The Listening Center

Rabbi Allen Krause-Rabbi, Interfaith activist, Community Builder

Dr. Riane Eisler- Social Activist, Humanitarian, Passionate Activist

Nancy Jenks- Executive Director of the Interfaith Center at UCI, providing students a safe space and warm arms for 35 years 

Riane Eisler- Author of Chalice and The Blade, Sacred Pleasures, Scientist

Ann Nguyen- Community activist and honored for her extraodinary and quiet tireless commitment to service and interfaith peace. Ann is teh President of the Interfaith Council of Westminster, Stanton and Garden Grove.

Felicity Figueroa- Tireless activist, ability to show up everywhere and moblize and activate action and healing and stellar work with Women of OC.


In honor of our 10 Year Anniversary and Celebration, we honored 3 exemplary individuals and invited them to honor 2

Dr. Paula Garb- The Center for Citizen Peacebuilding at UCI

    Sharon Tennison 

    The Board of Directors of the UCI Center for Citizen Peacebuilding

Ajarat Bada- UN Youth Ambassador

    Jeff Bonfield 

    Bogdan Gogulan

Victoria Tamoush- The Interfaith Witnesses

    Phillip Tamoush 

    Nadia Bettendorf

(Your site is) "Amazing and inspiring site.  It makes me want to go out and do more to make a difference in my own area.  Thank you. "  
    Susan R. Utah         


"A wonderful discovery to stumble upon late at night!  I am so happy to learn about S.A.R.A.H. and its important and much needed work in the world. Thanks for being here for us all. Alhumdilallah. "     

Zahra Lee  Boston, MA 

"Hello, Sisters from across the world! I offer you my greeting from a small town in Britain. I am so happy to see that you have sent a "Peace Tapestry" to the ladies of Israel and Palestine - it is so wonderful that women can find out their similarities, instead of doing that "male thing" of stressing their differences! How wonderful it is that we women can still be Peace-makers - God bless all of you, wherever you are, for the good work that you do."       With love,  Sylvia, in England.


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