Red Tent Gatherings and Workshops

For thousands of years, the Red Tent has been calling women to gather.

 Please join us.

Step inside the  Red Tent

Virtual or In-Person


A sacred space for women only, just as those women who--in ancient times entered the Red Tent to connect, meditate, and pay homage to one another. Experience being with your sisters in this unique and ancient way.

Do you feel the calling to host a Red Tent, but don't know where to start, and want to provide sacred space in a manner befitting a Red Tent? Join the Red Tent Masterclass and become a Certified Red Tent Facilitator.

Our classes begin April 16th for 3 consecutive weeks and repeat again in June 2020. Find out more here..

Past Calls

We do not record our Red Tent Workshop or Red Tent Meetings to honor confidentiality and create safe space. The following recordings are special calls where it was previously agreed to record. 

Urgent Gathering From The Heart of Humanity
March 18, 2020
Prayers spoken on this call can be found Here...
Understanding Mary Magdalene; Shifting Mythology and Stories and the Role We Play in Resurrecting Her.
September 26, 2017
with Dr. Jeanne Michele
Reclaiming Our Right To Joy 
October 24, 2017
with Joan Marie

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