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SARAH's 18! Campaign

To us, 18 means Life, Accomplishment, Universal Energy, and Balance. It also signifies an era where 

we acknowledge all we have grown into, and reimagine what our life ahead will be. We also know that, like most 

18 year olds, we think we have it all figured out! But, we are not that bold, and much more wise! We are 

careful to remain open to possibilities, and continue to operate in curiosity, agility, power of circle, strength in sisterhood, and commitment to listen carefully and respond swiftly to what wants to happen. This is the power of feminine leadership! 

Our programs address significant and systemic issues that disproportionately impact women and girls. 

We believe in the power of 18! 

Your $1.80 or $18.00 a month will allow us to continue to leverage our network, our strategies for addressing the systemic problems with sustainable solutions. The problems we solve are resilient because we operate from a place of comforting to our highest and deepest value system of our faith, spiritual, and/or secular ethical positions.

Here's how we allocate your treasures.. 

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