Take The Survey!

We are excited to report that Circles are becoming mainstream for small and large groups, events and organizations. Circles are replacing hierarchies that are inherently oppressive, rank diversity as one better than others, and limit creativity and productivity. 

We have designed a survey, along with our Partner and 3rd Party experts in this field, Footage to help us grow and sustain the most healthy, vibrant and sustainable circles possible.  

We hope you will take the survey and invite all involved with your circle.

First, take the survey quickly responding with your immediate thoughts.  

Then please take this back to your circle and see how your circle feels, spending more time to go over each question and assess your strengths and where you can use help.  

From years of experience, we have found 4 Essential Elements to be most helpful in growing a healthy and sustainable Circle group, organization and/or event.  Some of these Elements may be a new concept.  This is not a test but rather a tool in gaining new insights and helpful circle practices.  Your feedback will be most helpful in helping others who want to be part of the Circle movement.   

​After we receive your responses, we will get back to you with feedback and also a personalized graph to help you measure your improvement. We will then move into our Story Telling phase of assessment!

We are inviting you to choose an option that is closest to how you are doing in each category:   

Struggling: We all know the feeling. We feel stuck, unsure where to find the "secret sauce" to move our work forward.
Surviving: We are making some progress, and getting by, but not near reaching our vision.
Seeing Improvement: This is where we are implementing new tools, methods, relationships, and we can see progress.
Healthy: We are doing great, but not quite thriving according to our own standards and expectations. 
Thriving: We've got this! So why are we here? Perhaps there's more to improve upon and reach new levels! 
The General Congress of Women Impact Assessment Survey
Financial Wholeness
Do Your Read and Practice Circle Principles
Do You Spend Time Considering and/or Discussing The Eco-System of Our Interdependence?
Do you have an Agreement or policy for Care and Caregiving?
Are you living into your Vision and Mission Statement
If you have an Agreement or policy for Care and Caregiving, is it implemented?
Do you practice Shared Leadership?

Thank You For Your Time!