SARAH is a proud supporter and fiscal agent for SDG18.

Join us in promoting the realization that the only way we are going to fully achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is through

Self Awareness and Personal Agency

Wear this pin and own your power, while helping to support the campaign to see this Goal in the 2030 Goals.

With your $18.00 Donation

While there are 17 official goals,we can still live with this awareness and wake up to our power to make a difference. It must start with me.

In 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be measured and then renewed, just like the Millennial Development Goals were renewed in 2016. The Sustainable Development Goals mature in 2030.  

Can you imagine a world where the United Nations includes this value in it's next round of Goals, shifting the culture and belief system that each one of us matters and holds the solutions for sustainability for each one of the Goals you see here? 

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