Inside the Red Tent Masterclass

A Red Tent

Painting by Valoru

Inside the Red Tent Masterclass

A Red Tent Facilitator Certification Workshop

Begins April 16th for 3 consecutive weeks

8:00 AM PST and 6:00 PM PST


For possibly thousands of years, women have been called into the Red Tent,  the "womb of  sisterhood."

In the ancient Red Tent, as eloquently described in the prize-winning novel by Anita Diamant, we were able to be nurtured, to grow, to feel honored and be safe.  In our modern-day Red Tent we are similarly free to honor our biological gifts and transformations, to celebrate our sacred nature, to comfort and hold one another.  We use both  ancient and newly-created  rituals to evoke an environment of trust and sisterhood.


Science and spirituality have always been sisters, but it has taken us many centuries to fully understand that connecting with our extended community is requisite for the survival of our species.  We don't need science to remind us that women are naturally and innately connected to the earth and nature.  Female hormones--when released-- have the capacity to increase our immune system, to lower our blood pressure, and to regulate our annotated nervous system. It is precisely when we are in our most creative state that we become most available for healing and regenerating ourselves--and others.


In this workshop, you will learn the tools to create your own Red Tent, an original and personal expression of you and your sisters in your own community.   Similar in structure to Red Tents created by  other women  around the world, it will nevertheless be uniquely yours. 

This workshop will provide you with everything you need to know about creating your own Red Tent including:.  


What happens in a Red Tent?

How do we host a Red Tent?

Do I need a physical Tent and can a Red Tent be virtual?


You will learn how to provide a nurturing environment that is authentic, warm, inviting, a safe environment that honors our divine nature with grace and power. Because of it's interactive nature, it's also a personal journey for you.


Duration: 3 weeks (includes two one-hour and a half interactive sessions online. Each session is  available in two different time slots for participants in different parts of the world.)  With added exclusive benefits!

Cost for all 3 sessions:


Scholarships are available. Contact us for more information

2 time options for each of the 3 sessions

Choose your time

8:00 AM PST  or 6:00 PM PST


Registrants will explore:

What can happen in a Red Tent?

How to host a Red Tent?

This course will give you all the details and we will also tap into your innate wisdom and nature as we prepare the space for one another.




Some of what you will find in the syllabus

Session I

The history and folklore of the Red Tent

What happens in the Red Tent, and what does not!

Love is in the details, from set up to closing prep

Being in our body

Break out and conversation

Session II

The Power of Circle

Circle Principles

Circle Experiences and Practices

Break out and conversation

Session III

Story and truth telling


Occasions and purposes for the Red Tent

Models and resources

Getting started

Break out and conversation


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