Katherine Tyler Scott

is Principal of Ki ThoughtBridge, LLC, a trusted thought leader specializing in an integrated approach to the development of individual and organizational leadership that increases adaptive capacity and resilience. She has developed and led numerous leadership programs for states, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and businesses. Following her career as a clinical social worker and administrator, Katherine developed and directed the Lilly Endowment Leadership Education Program, a statewide funded leadership education initiative which transitioned into Trustee leadership Development (TLD), a national leadership development organization. TLD trained over 50,000 leaders and hundreds of organizations during her 17 year tenure. During her leadership of TLD the organization developed leadership training curricula and resources for the Community Leadership Association, a consortium of community leadership programs across the country.  For Katherine's full bio and more..

Ann Smith loves to teach circle facilitation and the New Leadership and Organization based on Circle Principles.  She is teacher/learner, mentor, coach, illuminator of Divine Feminine, advocate for women’s equality and empowerment, author and community organizer.  She speaks from forty-years of experiences where she has listened, observed and learned from women around the world.  She is co-founder and director of Circle Connections, Millionth Circle Convener, Regional Coordinator of Gather The Women Global Matrix, Co-Associate Companion of Happehatchee Chapter of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross and SARAH Advisor.   She is married with two daughters, three grandsons and one cat.  She lives next to Everglades  nature preserve in Naples, Florida.

The 3 Part Series

Weekly September 10th, 17th and 24th.

9;00 AM PST | 12:00 CST |1:00 EST  | 4:00 GMT

Session I. Self- Awareness


Session II. Your Self in a System


Session III. The Self in Action

Ronita Johnson

Ronita has worked at the intersection of DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion) and convening sacred circle for over 30 years. She cut her teeth in the corporate world, as the first diversity manager in a large corporate organization in the 80’s, and never looked back. Ronita believes we each have a responsibility to tap into our unique power, by taking responsibility to shape our future. Skilled in the practice of DIALOGUE, she creates safe spaces of listening, learning, and self reflection to bring conscious, that which lies in shadow.  In 2010, after a successful external diversity consulting career, Ronita retired to devote all her energies to convening circles. She host on-line and in-person circle gatherings, organic in nature, and focused on cultivating authentic conversations of excavating truth, around life-giving topics that matter.  For Ronita's full bio and more.. 

Sande Hart - Founder and President,  Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt (and soon to be Grandmother), Workshop Facilitator, Certified Compassionate Integrity Trainer, Red Tent Convener, Event Producer, Founder and Ambassador of the Charter for Compassion International Women and Girls sector, Founder of SDG18, Workshop Facilitator, and Disrupter of patterns of the core characteristics that prevent lasting change at a community and international level. Since she was 21 years old, Sande has been aware of her role in the white world and committed to "unpacking" her own racism, and implicit bias. Sande developed the concept of SDG18, an awareness campaign to accept our Self Awareness and Personal Agency to solve all the problems associated with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. It's in those very conditions that drive Sande to pull at the thread of patriarchy that keeps racism thriving.

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