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An adventure through the journey of our dreams and experiences.

Exploring the new world we live in through our stories.

Covid-19 stopped the world. Uniting us because it has no borders and has given us time to think, observe, listen to our inner voice, dream, find ways to stay connected and be of help to others.  Do you have a story of a time you experienced an everyday miracle?  Or a story when, in your bones you knew you were in the presence of the sacred feminine?  Tell your story!


 In this time of fear, untruths and chaos many wonderful stories are being told that bring inspiration and hope.   

So many of us have amazing actual stories. How we tell our stories of inspiration so that they live on in the hearts and imaginations of others is up to you.

We are seeking stories that inspire by imagining a world that works for everyone, where we live in harmony with nature as part of nature, where all life matters. Your story is a sacred gift placed in the center of the global women’s circle. We may use your story in a book or other publication and social media to inspire others through the age-old gift of storytelling. Every story counts in bringing into reality the new world. Wisdom is shared from generation to generation through storytelling.

The Circle is open, the adventure begins. It is time.

Introduce yourself by telling where you live and your story in 1000 words or less. Send your story by email or mail along with the Waiver.


Visit the It Is Time website. Find sample stories and how to submit your story that may be added to a sacred book. SARAH Sisters created a platform where all stories can be shared. Please contribute your story! 

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