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International Heal Your Life Facilitator Michelina D'Addario is honored to be your guide on this Divine Journey of Self Love. No materials are required; you have within you what you need. The pieces of your perfection will be gathered during this 8-week virtual course. Self love gives you permission to “Shine your Light” and help heal the world. Love is the most powerful healing force there is. The real healing of loving yourself comes from within. As Louise would say, “Loving yourself is the most loving gift you can give yourself’.”

Taking this Divine Journey of Self Love, you will discover and experience:

  • Mirror Work: Louise Hay’s most famous tool, introduced throughout the world. Mirror

    work can create healthy self esteem, self approval, and self acceptance.

  • Reconnecting to your Inner Child: By learning to listen to your inner child and

    loving your inner child unconditionally, you can liberate your creative and loving energy

    in your daily life.

  • Weekly Transformational Meditations: Meditations can allow you to reconnect with

    your true essence and your inner strength.

  • Positive Affirmations: By planting healing seeds of love, you can create positive

    changes in your personal and professional lives

  • Supplemental Material: Love Yourself Companion Workbook

About Michelina

 Meeting Louise Hay changed my life. I had the honor of meeting her at a conference in Toronto in 2012. Even then, deep in my soul, was a knowing that one day I would become a teacher of Love. In 2018, I became a licensed and certified “Heal Your Life” Teacher and Coach. In 2019, I was invited by Lucia Giovannini to join her staff for a Teacher Training of “Italia Heal Your Life”.

My own journey of self love inspired me to get involved in missionary work and co-found “Spirit Moves,” a mind, body, and spirit yoga program that provides education scholarships to children in Nicaragua.

I’m so excited to share my own experience, learnings, and the Heal Your Life methodology with you.

~ Love and Blessings


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