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We are always looking for creative and meaningful ways to gather in circle (in body and virtual) around thought-full topics and we found one more! Our first book is written by our Founder and President Sande Hart, which promotes the very culture we strive to co-create here at S.A.R.A.H.  

Step 1: Buy the book HERE

Step 2: Either join a S.A.R.A.H. hosted circle, or gather your friends to host your own.

Step 3: Meet monthly to explore each of the 12 stories, skills, tools etc, dive deeper on your own in the spaces in-between. Dialogue and journal prompts are available to help.

Step 4: Come into the larger circle (optional) when you are complete with the series to share outcomes and discoveries with the greater community.

A Circle is currently underway, but if you would like to host a circle  let us know! 
Start A Book Circle on The Liminal Odyssey
I'd Like To GatheMy Own Circle

Thanks for joining the circle! Check your email to make sure we can reach you!

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