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Pleasance Silicki

"I'm obsessed with community circles- learning, growing & sharing with other humans. 

I love exploring all the parts of life & death through ritual, ceremony, movement, poetry and prayer!" 

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Maureen Jones
"Bringing growth and change with compassion and support for all people in the four directions to step into their sovereignty". 
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Morgana Sythove
is a practicing Wiccan Priestess and Elder. and founder of the Silver Circle Network. Morgana is also a Global Trustee for the URI.

She's an author and helped to found the International Coordinator for Pagan Federation International
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Michelina D'Addario
Is Co-founder, weekly zoom mind, body and spirit classes, provide education scholarships for children in Nicaragua.
Michelina is a Certified Love Your Life International Trainer Facilitator.
Sarah Rohr

"I gather and convene with local, national and international communities to grow love by acknowledging and confronting hate and intolerance.  As a practicing Jewish mom, educator, poet and visual artist, I root myself in the wisdom of my ancestry- bringing ancient practices like caring for the stranger, practicing compassion, voicing truth and empowering each soul to remember their true sacred nature"

Our Ambassadors are our extended layer of leadership who informs the core leadership team and also represents themselves in their community as S.A.R.A.H. Leadership. 


This is also how to join us in all leadership opportunities, including running programs like this or other opportunities.

The role of the Ambassador is a select opportunity, open those who are involved and invested in improving conditions and advancing solutions for women and girls.


An Ambassador role is what you make it. You needn't add more to your plate, yet live the values of SARAH, keeping us in mind in your work, and promote programs that speak to you. Or, you may choose to join us in leadership and run the Ambassador or other programs. We are inviting your passion and your leadership; however you show up.

Leading Core Values
Compassion | Collaboration | Hospitality | Care | Trust | Community |Generosity | Love

Our Commitments To Ambassadors in Good Standing

We listen carefully and with an open mind to new ideas and insights.

We pay close attention to see patterns emerge and suggest programming that promote empowerment and engagement.

Some programs at S.A.R.A.H. are eligible for Ambassador discounts.

We know that we do not know what may emerge and we remain open to possibilities.


  • Join our bi-monthly Ambassador call meetings (1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 9:00 AM PST)

  • Support initiatives, programs and events that promote the values and vision that promote and compliment ours. 

  • Participate in ongoing events that are part of an initiative and/or co-sponsored or sponsored by S.A.R.A.H. or support our overall vision. (Some discounts may apply to Ambassadors)

  • Encourage participation in our programming as an Ambassador..

  • Submit stories about your activities, accomplishments, and latest developments for our newsletter and social media outlets.

  • "Like" and Follow us on social media.

  • Encourage others to “like" us on Facebook and make comments.

  • Share your ideas for a better S.A.R.A.H. and/or back it with your involvement and engagement.

  • All Ambassadors will be listed in our Ambassador landing page per region.

  • Maybe called upon to represent S.A.R.A.H. on webinars and interviews *if you are comfortable.

Posts and Positions

Should you choose to dive in deeper with more engagement, the following are posts and positions we are currently in need of:

CPA/Financial Consultant

Blog Writer 

Zoom Backend Support (run Zoom calls for some of our programs). 

Instagram and Social Media (including Clubhouse and other dynamic platforms)

Web support

Video Content and Influencer(s) 

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