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We share 10% of all net registration income that comes by way of your unique registration link that you send out to your network or email list of 1000 or more subscribers. 


Our program costs range from an average of $21.00 to $200.00. 


We provide you with short and long email introductions, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook-ready messaging, a couple of different size flyers and direct links to cut and paste and/or personalize for your posting pleasure. We make it easy for you to promote our events, making it easy for you to earn money! 


We carefully chose the title “Alliance Partner” because Alliance is in our name and everything we do is in shared leadership and support of others in the Partner spirit. A Partner is a relationship and therefore, we contribute to that Partnership by promoting your organization on our site and also introducing you to our network through a “Spotlight” feature on our newsletter and social media.

Join us as an Alliance Partner

Thank You For Joining Us! We will follow up within 24 Hours.​

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