Calling women to gather to prepare ourselves and one another for the Parliament of the World's Religions and the world we are midwifing forward. 

Welcome to the 3rd 
Alchemy Event 

Art by Johti Saldanha

Scholarship is Available

Artist-  Jothi Saldanha

Our Alchemy events are a fun, powerful, insightful and a meaningful way to prepare ourselves and one another in advance of the Parliament and for the world we are co-creating. Together we will anchor our voice, courage, power and our

"divine assignment" 

We will be inspired and activated by world renown speakers

We will be in sacred circle and listen in

We will get into our bodies and heart

We will nurture our creativity and discover our courage 

We will honor our compassion and power

We will all participate in a water ceremony

Break Out Sessions | Water Ceremony | Movement | Music | Spoken Word

Salt Lake City Alchemy Event 2015

On Feminine Ground: The Alchemy of our COLLECTIVE Wisdom and Strength

This event was first hosted by a planning circle convened by Women of Spirit and Faith in advance of the 2015 Parliament of Worlds Religions in Utah to prepare women leaders for the dynamic week ahead. About 80 women met in circles where we practiced Circle Principles to anchor our voices, practice sacred listening, and recognize the power of our wisdom. Because of its success, a small group of us decided to bring it to the next Parliament in Toronto in 2018 for 200 women (with a wait list) with a planning committee of U.S. and Canada based women. S.A.R.A.H. then brought this Alchemy event to the Commission of the Status of Women in advance of the opening of 2 weeks of the UN Commission of The Status of Women with the help of NY based women. We are now bringing our signature Alchemy event to the first ever virtual Parliament event. 


Toronto Alchemy Event 2018

The Alchemy of Women's Collective Wisdom and Power

Together we prepared ourselves and one another for the dynamic week ahead of The Parliament of World's Religions. We prayed, danced, sat in small thoughtful dialogue circles, each with their own altar. Each topic led by inspirational thought leaders. Then, we all participated in a memorable water ceremony and that collective water, in its copper vessel, resided for the full week on the altar of the Lodge of Nations, prepared and presided over by indigenous peoples. Now we are bringing that alchemical magic on line! We hope you will join us!

NY Alchemy Event 2019
The Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power
Held in advance of the United Nations Commission on The Status of Women

Portions of our proceeds will support S.A.R.A.H.'s Women and Girls Education Fund